Liu Wai Sang


Ye Tian Gong

Oct 15 2019

391px × 678pxIn short, Ye Tian Gong or Fluid Field Work is an internal exercise of the three DanTian and body fluids, mainly performed through breathing.

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Empty Boxing

Jan 17 2019

Empty Boxing - Kong Quan: Meditative Martial Arts.

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Quan Quan Dao

Dec 20 2018

Holistic boxing way - Quan Quan Dao: A Harmonic Fusion of the external and internal school of chinese martial arts, and empty boxing way - Kong Quan Dao, an important additional routine of exercise for chinese martial arts especially of Buddhistic origin like Wing Chun.

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Horizontal Tai Chi

Nov 16 2018

Traditional Tai Chi Chuan is practiced in a veritcal (standing) position.

Horizontal Tai Chi Chuan, being very complemental and supplemental to the traditional one, is practiced in a horizontal (lying down) position. Such level of practice can adequately provide the body a more comfortable and stable environmental contact and support than the traditional way. So to enable the body to improve further the body and especially the back.

Qiang Guan Dao - Wall Martial Way

Nov 17 2018

Qiang Guan Dao - wall martial way is a combination of Zhi and Ping Guan Dao - vertical and horizontal martial way. This practice requires not only both feet have to often contact the floor but most part of the back of the trunk also has to contact the wall, by choosing to do so, it greatly increases the contact area of the body on solid surface, this also increases in proportion the solid contact action and reaction force that the body can undergo and experience. Through proper application of action and reaction force on an increased contact area during practice, it is possible to enhance the health of the back as well as well as the power of self-defence.